Ramsi Farm

Kinderhotel with farm

Come to feed, pet, ride, or simply watch the animals

Ramsi's animal world: At the child-friendly Ramsi farm there are 10 different animal species to pet and care for all year round. The donkeys Fanny, Chiara and Lola, Pony Selina, Icelandic horse Berra, chickens, ducks, sweet rabbits, goats, camera sheep, Zeburind Mizzi and Stella and cat Muzi are the darlings of our guest children. Several times a week there is riding with Pony Selina, Icelandic horse Berra and donkey mare Chiara.

NEW from summer 2019 is animal trekking - let us surprise you!


The highlight: our innovative "animal licence" for kids

Here children from the age of 3 learn the correct handling of the animals through our professional children's entertainers. For some children it is the first contact with animals and here they learn everything worth knowing, care, handling and behavior of our animals: They recognize the signals of the animals, like ears put on or with the hooves scratch. The children get respect for the animals and now understand why baby rabbits are not allowed to be touched, how rabbits build their nests, what the different animals are allowed to eat and why the children are not allowed to feed the animals alone and constantly. They understand that the animals do not always want to be stroked. The animals are much more relaxed when the children know how to handle them, they know that the animals sometimes need a break from humans and so it is less stressful for the animals! Accidents are avoided because sources of danger are explained. 

Ramsi Tierwelt Esel
Ramsi Hasen
Hahn Tristan

Some of the favorites are…

  • Fanny, Chiara and Lola, the patient donkeys
  • Selina, the children-loving pony
  • Berra, the superbrave Islandic horse
  • Klopfer, the rabbit and his many friends – with drooping ears, fluffy fur, and button nose
  • Muzi, the cuddly cat
  • Mizzi and Stella, the two good-natured zebu cattle with their big, brown eyes
  • Tristan, the proud rooster with his companion Isolde, the hen
  • Cindy, the meddlesome pygmy goat