An excerpt from the most beloved Ramsi programs „Sport active“ and „Nature creative

Games, fun and action for the whole family - every day’s an adventure


Family - and get-together hike including a cosy picnic

Together we experience the beauty of nature, make handcrafted collages using the colorful field flowers, with magnifying glasses we marvel at the variety of our local fauna - even the rare green rain worm and the fire salamander are nativ around here.

There’s so much to discover at the brook(side), and a dam is built rather quickly. Who’ll be the winner at tug war and at the „Tschurtschel Long-Throw-Game“?

Excursion with the Ramsi tractor

The ride in the well secured trailer of the Ramsi tractor is real fun for young and old.

Creative program

The selection is large, from natural materials, felt and mosaic pictures to making bath bombs and rose cream, and much more…

Let's go family rafting on the Gail

Equipped with life jackets, paddles, wetsuits, helmets and shoes there’s going to be a lot of fun with water battles. Also, floating down the river is quite an experience.

Family Football Tournament

Enthusiastic football players, big and small, like to storm our big football field. Fans to cheer for you are always in the crowd.

Family Beach Volleyball

Who can play volleyball in the sand? Who jumps higher and makes a belly landing?

Family Olympics for young and old!

Who will win a Ramsi medal? The award ceremony will show!

Torch and lantern tour in the Ramsi Experience World

followed by a campfire. An atmospheric hike through the Ramsi Forest. The campfire invites to a cosy get-together and grilling stick bread.

Sunrise hike with breakfast on the mountain

Experiencing this natural spectacle is one of the unforgettable moments of this holiday - especially in the mountains you feel so close to the sun!

Expedition Ramsi

Expedition Ramsi

Naturalists, eagerly looking for the great adventure, are embarking on an expedition! Parents and children, forming small groups, are on the track of nature as well as close to each other! Unforgettable experiences, lots of interesting facts, fun and the desire for the great adventure, that’s what this is about - as if reading an exciting book - only this is real. This is a Ramsi-giant experience you’ll never forget!